Want to lose weight and grab back your health

We at NOSH ROCKS believe that we should never go on a ‘diet’. You don't need to...

Simply change the way we are eating

If our way of eating is not working for us; if it is making us tired, ill, overweight, we need to change the way we eat permanently. No more yo-yo diets and feeling guilty….It is not your fault…

NOSH ROCKS…Not Only Slim but Healthy, RO’s Carb-cutting Kick Start

Changing the way we eat does NOT mean that we can never have a piece of chocolate or a pizza again. You probably won’t want them anyway!

Cravings Disappear....

Changing the way we eat means that we re-balance our way of eating so that a ‘treat’ is just that… a ‘treat’.


What do you think? Want to be a NOSH ROCK Star???

"Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, Rage against the dying of the light." - Dylan Thomas

Hi, I am Rowana Statham. I am the Premiere Banting Low Carb lifestyle change coach in Switzerland.  5 years ago, I changed my way of eating and my health, Forever. You can too! Why? Tragically a friend was diagnosed and died due to bowel cancer. He was only 55! I looked around and I woke up. Why, why are we succumbing to lifestyle diseases at younger and younger ages. It is NOT Normal, it is NOT Inevitable. If you are over 40 and think that it is all downhill health-wise, Think again!
  • Back to perfect health.
  • No more colds and flu.
  • No more YO YO diets, feeling hungry or counting calories.
And BTW It is NOT YOUR FAULT if you are tired, ill, overweight. You are NOT LAZY. You have, in fact, a hormonal imbalance and are possibly in a vicious downward spiral with increased insulin resistance. The GREAT NEWS is that there is an amazing Super Drug which can cure or alleviate most of our lifestyle diseases.  It is called:


Just eat Real Food.... Think about it! Food is causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, depression etc, etc, etc.

BUT, if you use food wisely, it can also reverse these diseases and make you feel energised. It is amazing. NOSH (slang for food) ROCKS.

NOSH ROCKS; Not Only Slim but Healthy, RO's Carb-cutting KickStart

I am RO. I will guide you through a simple, 3 step process, to help you to fall in love with food again and, in the process, you will take back control of your health, get back your vitality, all whilst losing weight easily if necessary. You will have all the tools and support:
  • Personal motivational coaching
  • Tracking tools;
    • food and mood journals
    • weigh and measure tracking,
    • nutritional info
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Online community
  • Comprehensive step by step guidance
  • Comprehensive theory
What are you waiting for??? If you are one of the first 100 adventurous people who want to take back control of their life, complete this form. I will send you a complementary, personalised, assessment for an Awesome and healthy lifestyle; setting goals with an estimate of the time it will take for to achieve them.

Alternatively, you are welcome to send me an email if you prefer a more personal approach:   rowana@noshrocks.com

You deserve to be Awesome. You deserve to be healthy. As Dylan Thomas said: "Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, Rage against the dying of the light"