5 Star tips to not only lose weight but to feel great…

5 Stars of the NOSH ROCKS KickStart to not only lose weight but to feel great…  However, the over-arching principle is EAT REAL FOOD…

  1. Monitor your daily sugar intake. The WHO recommends 25 g per day for adults (16 g for children). What does it mean? For example. 250 ml fruit juice, nut milks or sodas are already close or above your daily limit N.B. Surprisingly tonic water contains 9g of sugar per 100ml.
  2. Eat more quality protein and vegetables instead of high-carbohydrate pasta and pastry. N.B. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and the cholesterol you eat does not convert to cholesterol in your body.
  3. Eat more good quality fats. Your body needs healthy fats to make you feel full, absorb nutrients and for many bodily functions. Try olive oil, butter, ghee, lard. NB It has been proven that fat in your diet does not turn into fat in your body … sugar is the culprit.
  4. If possible, avoid products made with white flour. E.g. pasta, bread, couscous, cakes. If you really want bread, eat organic quality sourdough bread.
  5. Snack on quality nuts without added oils or fresh seed sprouts; Nuts and seed sprouts are great sources of protein, fat and nutrients. Avoid crisps, snacks made with wheat or anything with added seed oils.

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