6 Years on ‘Low-Carb’ – Taking Stock

6 Years on a low-carb life-style- Taking Stock.

After 18 years in Geneva, we finally followed a Geneva tradition and ran the Escalade race. For those who don’t know, it is a 2.4km run around the old town’s cobbled streets of Geneva to mark the attempted scaling of the walls by the Savoyards in 1604. You can run 1, 2 or 3 laps . We ran 2 laps, so 4.8km.

It is not the 1st race I have run but as we had a health test, as part of the side events, it made me take stock.  It it is about 6 years ago that we decided to change our eating habits. At that time, I was 88kgs 13st 12lb, with a BMI of 29.4. I didn’t run as I have a scolios in my back which caused me pain and my knees hurt due to carrying too much weight and the inflammation from processed food!  As I am tall, I didn’t think too much about it. However, health concerns of those around me and the realisation that I would only get unhealthier as I aged, set me on a journey of discovery.

Fast forward 6 years and I now weigh around 60kgs, 9st 6lb with a BMI of 20. However, the scolios no longer causes me pain and the regular 7-10 days of excruciating blockages have gone. I have more energy, feel more positive and run or walk regularly. I rarely have any illness but if I do, it does not ‘knock me out’ and my digestion is so much better.

However, you may be surprised to know that I normally eat at least 2 eggs a day, fried in ghee, coconut oil, olive oil or lard etc. Changing your eating habits is about adding nutrient rich food into your daily life, low-carb, not no-carb. I love finding amazing recipes such as quick Brazilian cheese bread, Coconut Cocoa truffles or sweet potato tortilla; anywhere I can add good fats. There is no calorie counting as health and weight loss are about limiting the insulin hits to your body- insulin is the hormone which stores fat. Internal weight loss is however, far more important and this comes with protecting your liver and feeding your gut bacteria.

So if anyone asks me if I regret changing, it is a big fat NO 🙂 Adding nutrient rich food into our daily lives was the best move ever. It is actually fun learning about nutrition and new cooking methods, finding different ingredients, new tastes, new experience. Learning about the amazing power of food:-)

Choose great food, choose health, choose LIFE. NOSH ROCKS- be your most amazing self with food!


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