8 Week Challenge: Testimonials- Marilyn

Marilyn from the Pays de Gex, France

September 28, 2019. This is one date  I shall never forget. Why? Because, happily, it marks the day when I first met Rowana Statham. But, I’m getting ahead of my story….

Several months earlier, I had decided to finally concentrate on my health and well-being. FYI, I’m a mom with two kids who’s always put their well-being before my own. Sound familiar to anyone?

I realized I’d gotten unhealthy, owing primarily to two things: stress & weight gain (probably caused by the stress).

I decided it was time for me to start looking out for number one & for me to “treat my body as a temple” again. I wasn’t in a hurry: I knew that it had taken time for me to be in the shape I was in; I knew it was going to take time for me to get out of it too. So, I challenged me, myself & I to get healthier and slimmer by December 31st, meaning during the last three months of 2019.

Challenge accepted!

Yet, I didn’t feel well-informed enough to achieve my objectives.

Though, I’m neither a vegetarian or vegan, I naturally lean towards a more vegetarian-type diet. Still, I knew eating the same old salads and steamed veggies wasn’t going to cut it for me. I needed to spice up my diet.

I started wondering how to go about finding someone who could teach me how to understand food preparation and nutritional eating. That’s when my path crossed Rowana’s NOSH ROCKS & her 8-week challenge.

Anyone know the expression, “When the student is ready, the master/teacher appears”?

After our initial meetup to discuss how the challenge works, I knew I had met the very person who could give me the information and training I needed for my journey back to health and fitness.

Rowana honestly cares about helping folks understand how “awesome” our bodies are. Her courses are packed with the information one needs to understand the whys of eating certain ways, like what’s behind the need for eliminating glutens, seed oils & sugar from our diets. She also teaches us how to make the necessary dietary transitions extremely tasty…her Brazilian Cheese Bread and Cauliflower Fried Rice recipes are two examples that just popped up as I write this 😀

Let me make it perfectly clear: what Rowana teaches is NOT some new-fangled diet!

Hers is a re-educational approach enabling you to change your eating behaviour.

Thus, if you’re looking for a lose-weight-quick scheme, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

If, however, you’re looking for a way to begin a more healthy way of eating that will also lead you to a more healthy, fit, energetically-charged body…I highly recommend that you accept to take on Rowana’s 8-Week Challenge.

PS: I know some of you are wanting to know exactly how I did with my own 8-week challenge. Because I know all bodies react differently, I wasn’t going to say.

But here are my results: -5.2 kg, – 25.5 cm…a combined reduction from waist, bust & hips.

The loss was gradual and regular, so there was none of the loose, flabby skin syndrome to deal with. What was really amazing for me, however, is this:

When I began the challenge, I was experiencing pain in my knees and lower thighs. The pain in my knees was habitual but the growing pain in my lower thighs alarmed me more than a bit as it resisted the many anti-inflammatory remedies I’d tried and had reduced me to walking at a snail’s pace. By week 4, I was no longer plagued with either pain!

Four weeks after completing the 8-Week Challenge, the pains are still absent and I’ve received many a compliment on my slimmer body and increased stamina.

My journey continues 😀 Will you begin yours?

Thank you Rowana for caring enough to teach me how awesome my body is!

You Rock <3

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