8 Week Challenge to Radiant Health

8-wk Health Challenge –  Taking the confusion out of eating well
Choose your start day and date: Tues 14th or Thurs 16th January 2020 at 7pm,  Max 10 per class
Flex Office, Route de Meyrin 123, Geneva


The course includes:
  • Full apero (mainly organic / bio) every week; e.g. chorizo, cheeses, crackers, brazilian cheese bread, nut bread etc. Sometimes chocolates or cakes. One week we made ghee then used it to make prawn cauliflower fried rice. Teas, coffee etc
  • A video and discussion on a topic which impacts our health
  • An interactive demo related to the health topic
  • Support with suggestions etc If you have any questions relating to your own situation
  • Follow up every week with the course documentation and response to any questions raised
  • Access to updated documentation via free membership of NOSH ROCKS site
  • We track our weight and measurements but these are for personal progress monitoring
  • We follow my RITE of passage to radiant health. Review, Implement, Transition, Enjoy!

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