A Paradigm Shift to Alleviate Global Obesity!

A paradigm shift to change the world! My dream is to alleviate global obesity (both internal and external) and to reduce the lifestyle diseases which go with it. It is a BIG dream 🙂 I will achieve this with learning and support. We are not lazy and we are not greedy! In fact, we are absolutely amazing creatures <3

We are simply eating food which is so low in nutritional value that we are constantly craving food to find these nutrients. Nutrients which help the incredible processes which are constantly going on in our bodies.
People are always telling me that I should just make and sell my crackers, cakes, chocolates…whatever as they are so delicious! My answer is NO.
I will show you how to make them, I will show you why, I will help you to learn how small changes in the balance of your food can make an unbelievable difference to your complete health and well-being.
To change the world, we need a paradigm shift in understanding. Learn to enjoy food again; shopping, cooking, preparing, tasting, smelling, enjoying and knowing that you are positively contributing to your health. I cannot be and do not want to be complicit in creating more convenience food with all the packaging which goes with it. Food is not an inconvenience. Food is amazing. It ROCKS. NOSH ROCKS – be your most amazing self with Food as your toolbox.

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