Black Garlic- Garlic on steroids

Black Garlic???

What on earth is that? I first came across it in a health food shop. I bought it to try and I was hooked. Absolutely delicious flavour, even eating raw, and no garlic breath smell. After a bit of research, I found out about the amazing health benefits. Twice as many anti-oxidants as normal garlic and good for the heart, brain and much more. Just search ‘black garlic health benefits’. Can keep it in the freezer and eat like a sweet or it adds a delicate garlic flavour to omelettes, risottos etc.

The only downside I found that it was in a plastic jar and a bit expensive, so what to do but make your own! There are one or 2 ways to make it but this is what worked for me.

  • What you need: Slow cooker with a WARM setting. I prefer to use a crockery pot to avoid aluminium.
  • Lots of whole, organic garlic bulbs
  • Unbleached parchment paper
  • A little water
  • Silicon mat to seal the cooker
  • A weight to hold it closed
  • A place where the smell of garlic will not upset you or the neighbours 🙂


Line the crockpot with paper and add whole garlic bulbs. Add a couple of tbsps of water, cover, put on ‘WARM’ setting and leave for 2-3 weeks. Check after a few days whether there is enough water and then every 5 days or so to check if ready. Delicious


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