Flex Office 8 Week Challenge: Testimonials – Biliana Vassileva

Biliana Vassileva; Social Innovation Coach and Consultant.

I signed up for the 8 weeks course because I noticed that my eating habits included lots of bread, chocolate and irregular meals. And, I was starting to be unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. On top, I was constantly hungry.

Surprisingly, during the course I started to lose my hunger. Before the course, when I experienced hunger, I felt uncomfortable, nervous and I reached out for anything in front of my eyes. It never seemed to be enough.

My biggest a-ha moment was when I realised that the foods Rowana prepared for us made me forget the hunger. In addition, she helped me understand how the food I was eating was making me hungry. And, she taught me what to eat instead. Without the constant urge to eat, I relaxed, became more focused, and even lost some cms and kilos.

I honestly feel that the course helped me to befriend myself again.

For me, the obvious was hidden in plain site. Rowana helped me see through it and change. If you are struggling like I did, I wholeheartedly recommend that you meet Rowana and do the NOSH ROCKS programme. She will help you see beyond the obvious and assist you in getting your life and your eating habits back on track.

Thank you Rowana for being so knowledgeable, caring and patient.


Elke Sauter, Corporate Attorney
I have always been interested in nutrition and health. As many others, I believed to know and understand all the important principles – I always managed to quickly lose weight if I wanted to do so, but I always gained it back even quicker. Having had the opportunity to know Rowana for many years and to see how she changed since she adopted her new lifestyle was very impressive. After many discussions with her on the topic of health, I decided to take on the “8 week challenge”. It has been an amazing experience and an eye opener. Here is what I learned :
Very little of what I perceived as “the right way to eat” is true;
The information provided to consumers is still extremely biased;
There is a big amount of information on nutrition and impact on health out there, but it is hard to get a coherent and objective view – Rowana did all the necessary research and presented it in a clear, substantiated and useful manner to us;
It is possible to make lifestyle changes step by step in an easy manner – Rowana gave us many useful tips and simple recipes;

After the 8 week challenge, I feel fully energized. I lost weight at a steady and slow pace. Contrary to a “diet”, there was no food deprivation required, I had a lot of delicious meals and no hunger at all.
Overall, I will certainly stick to the program and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make long lasting and impactful positive lifestyle changes.

Thank you Rowana – you are amazing, caring and inspirational!

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