Flex Office 8 Week Challenge: Testimonials – Caroline

My name is Caroline from Geneva; HR professional & personal coach. I am 51 years old, pre-menopausal and I wanted to lose 6-7 kgs after surgery and after I had been on failed ‘diet’ plans which had made me hungry and put me in a YO-YO cycle.

I lost 4.5kgs over the 8 weeks but initially I lost a lot of cms; 8-10cms around the waist.

I signed up for the 8 week challenge to lose weight without diet and restriction, to understand how to eat in a healthy way as I couldn’t figure out how to balance the 2 elements of losing weight while satisfying my hunger.

I feel much more confident as the healthy way she taught me to eat naturally takes away the hunger and gives me energy, all whilst losing weight and cms.

Rowana is a very good coach and helps you to understands how to lose weight healthily by showing how our bodies and metabolism works. It certainly helped me to break the plateau and to satisfy my hunger.

The way she transmits the knowledge by eating and cooking together makes the process fun and enjoyable. The practical demos was something I enjoyed the most.

If you are stuck like me, reached a plateau, I would very much like to recommend Rowana’s program to lose the weight, the cms and the hunger and to fully satisfy your body without feeling deprived.

I am 4 weeks after the challenge and I am incorporating the principles into my daily life. It has inspired me to cook more and I can continue with the new way of eating with a permanent change of eating habits.


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