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Do you want Radiant Health from eating Fabulous Food? If so, read on:

Hi, I am Rowana Statham. I am Europe’s First Food Chain Detective; Finding Fabulous Food that Rocks your Body.

6 years ago, I introduced nutrient rich foods; including good fat, into my daily life with really positive results.

I lost over 25kg or 3.5 stone without effort, without cravings and without feeling hungry.

The weight loss outside is actually just a side effect to the positive health benefits; improved digestion and immune system, increased energy, lighter moods, disappearance of cellulite, less inflammation and more…

Make small changes to your eating habits, one day at a time. 

Complete this online FORM for your free personalised assessment. Discover how easy it is and how quickly you will improve your health.

I will send details of my simple, 3 step system; A RITE of Passage to Radiant Health.  Real, unprocessed food is the ‘Superdrug’ we need.

Why? Tragically a friend died due to bowel cancer. He was only 55! It made me question why are we succumbing to lifestyle diseases at increasingly younger ages. It is not Normal, it is not Inevitable and it is not our fault.

It woke me up. That is why I started learning, I changed my eating habits.  

I realised that we are eating mainly for energy and now, many of us are low in nutrients; especially Vitamins A, D, E and K, B vitamins and also minerals like magnesium and selenium, leaving us tired and ill.  It is astonishing how many health issues are stemming just from being under-nourished!

The major part of the solution is good food NOSH ROCKS- Not Only Slim but Healthy, RO’s Carb-cutting Keto System.

Together we can help you to include great food in your daily life to take control of your health too!

NOSH ROCKS is about being healthy and stick-thin inside whilst learning to love food again; not about being stick-thin outside.

It is about helping you find a permanent solution to your health issues. Use food as your medicine! 




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