Take Back Your Health

Ready to Take Back Your Health?






Are YOU feeling Tired, Ill, Overweight?


Are you ready to have radiant health with food at YOUR ideal shape and bodyweight?

Are you looking to easily take responsibility for your own health and well-being?

Are you ready to learn how your body and mind works?

Are you ready to fully understand how food, hormones, stress, trauma and more impact your ability to achieve and stay at your ideal body shape and weight?

Did you ever wish that there was a course to inspire you to fully understand how your body works? How your hormones are impacted by what we put in / on your body.

What can you eat/drink to fully Satisfy your Body? What should you avoid?

How can you implement an easy, stress-free, change?

LOOK NO MORE! This  Mind and Body Transformation Challenge

GIVES YOU ALL THE TOOLS TO EMPOWER YOU to take back your health with food. Body, Mind and Soul. The 1st lesson is a free preview to learn how your body really works!

  1. The POWER of the GOLDEN FISTS – Busting nutrition myths
  2. YOUR INCREDIBLY POWERFUL MIND; relaxing, empowering  Guided Meditations for motivation and self-belief
  3. The RITE of Passage to RADIANT HEALTH to gently guide and support YOU as you transform your life; Positively and Permanently!
  4. CHANGE MANAGEMENT TOOLS; Food Mood Journal, Goal Setting, Mood Board, Establishing a Routine 
  5. SIMPLE, easy to follow, FOOD GUIDE; The enormous range of Food you can eat at each stage of the RITE of Passage to Radiant Health
  6. Tasty, Satisfying, Delicious, Gluten Free, Healthy Recipes
  7. Tips, Tricks, Solutions for Stress, Trauma, Hormone Disruptors

What are you waiting for? Join US on the Mind and Body Transformation Challenge

Only GBP111 to Change Your LIFE to be FIT, FUN and FABULOUS – Exactly How You Were Meant to Be!


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