NOSH ROCKIN’ Chocolate Fondant Cakes

The Ultimate Comfort Food- Chocolate Fondant Cakes

These delicious and nutrient-rich chocolate fondant cakes are the ultimate comfort food. Naturally free from gluten and processed sugar, they are rich in nutrients too with cocoa, eggs, coconut oil and chocolate. These provide us with protein, calcium, magnesium and zinc along with healthy fats. At less than 4g of sugar per cake, they can be safely included as an occasional treat. Care if you are sensitive to oxalates which are present in the cocoa and chocolate.

The ‘starches’ in the recipe are known as ‘Resistant Starch’. Resistant starch is digested in the lower intestine. This means that there is a smaller impact on blood glucose and so less insulin is produced. As we know, insulin is our fat storing hormone. Less insulin hits, less weight gain! Also, the resistant starch feeds our good gut flora and creates a chemical, butyrate, to protect our liver. Win, Win ❤️

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50g Potato starch or Cornflour

2 Eggs

50g-100g Dark Chocolate- at least 70% and free from lecithins

2 Tbsps, 20g of cocoa powder

1/4 cup, 60ml, 50g Coconut oil. Can use ghee

1 Ripe Banana

2Tbsps Maple Syrup- or to taste

1 Tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

Put all ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Spoon into moulds- I use silicone- and freeze. Cook directly from frozen at 180C, 360F or Gas Mark 4 for max 9 minutes.

Serve with Redcurrants and Ice-cream. As you like. Enjoy!

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