Luscious lentil chilli

Luscious Lentil Chilli

Luscious Lentil Chilli- vegan

The beauty of the Lentil chilli is that it is relatively cheap but really tasty and filling:-) and the Lentil chilli is popular with both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Lentils and beans are a great source of resistant starch- especially when the dish is prepared in advance.

Recently, I have had a few people asking for the recipe, so here goes….  N.B. Where possible, all ingredients are organic / bio grade. Serves 8-10 but it freezes well.

To make it really authentic, and to increase the nutritional profile, you can add a tablespoon or 2 of cocoa powder… Arrrriiiibbbbaaaa…..


250g of mixed lentils (soaked overnight with tsp vinegar or lemon to increase digestibility)

Chopped veg : 2-3 carrots and 2 small turnips, peeled and diced, couple of sticks of celery & 2 onions chopped. You can use whatever veg is available and in season but for softer veg, add them later in the cooking process.

4 cloves garlic

2-4 chillis depending on the heat

Tin of tomatoes or 4-6 juicy ripe tomatoes roughly chopped & tbsp tomato puree

Tin of red kidney beans

Handful of frozen chestnuts – optional

Spices: 1tsp ground coriander, 1tsp ground cumin, 1/2 tsp turmeric, pinch of black pepper.  Add chilli powder if not spicy enough. Salt to taste.  Note that the spices don’t make it into a curry but add a nice depth of flavour.

Large dollop of coconut oil or olive oil

Cup of water as required


Pre-preparation: Soak lentils overnight in water with a tbsp of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.


Melt the coconut oil or pour in the olive oil and heat gently.

Add the prepared carrots, celery, onion, garlic and chillis to the pan and cook on a low heat until the onions are soft.

Drain the lentils and add to the pan along with the spices and cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the tomatoes and tomato puree and water and cook on a lowish heat, stirring occasionally for about 20 minutes until the lentils have softened.

Add the red kidney beans and the chestnuts and cook for a further 10 mins. Note that the texture should be quite thick & saucy. If too watery, cook a little longer or add some more water if dry.

Serve with cauliflower, coconut and lemon ‘rice’ if on a low carb way of eating. A side salad of spicy rocket and onion salad will boost your vitamin, mineral and fibre intake…




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