When did Fruit and Vegetables get married?

When actually did fruit and vegetables get married? They aren’t?

Despite not being ‘married’, it seems that you never actually hear the word vegetables without the link to fruit. Fruit n Veg, Fruit and Vegetables, FruitnVegetables…

The guideline is 5 fruitnveg per day but where did this idea come from and what does it mean? Apparently there is no scientific basis to the 5-a-day guideline and with the level of fructose being far higher than it was in the past, fruit (seasonal and local) should be limited to 1 portion per day!

So what about the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals I hear you say. Compared to fruit, we find far more anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals in cocoa, green vegetables, herbs such as oregano, coffee, tea etc All without the fructose. Cocoa and green vegetables are also very high in fibre.

What does it matter? Well apart from non-conventional fruits such as avocados and tomatoes, fruit contains far more fructose than it did 100 years ago. In addition, fruit is now available all year round.

Should we be worried? What is it with Fructose? Amongst other things:

  • It makes you feel hungry
  • It can overload your liver leading to fatty liver disease- especially high fructose corn syrup
  • It raises your triglycerides- heart attack risk raised
  • It raises the uric acid in your blood, increasing risk of gout attacks

Gary Fettke, a leading orthopaedic surgeon explains it really well in his talk:

Is Fruit Good or bad for you?

So, make up your own mind guys. NOSH ROCKS- live your most amazing YOU!

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