NOSH ROCKS Body Transformation Challenge- Week 5: Fruit – Good for you?

NOSH ROCKS 8wk Body Transformation Challenge Week 5:

A week of surprises and spine-tingling revelations! This week, the topic was fruit – Good? Watch and make up your own mind :

The spine-tingling moment may not be exciting for everyone but one of my Amazing women said to me: “For years I have suffered from chronic pain. Each and every day, I would wake up, hobble to the bathroom for my anti-inflammatory and then wait until it kicked in! But…after only 5 weeks on this new way of eating, I have been pain and drug free for days!”

This is not the 1st time that I have been told something like this. Small changes to your eating habits can have a massive impact on your health! I know from experience. Weight loss of 30kg – sustained and sustainable, cellulite melts away, less pain, more energy, better moods, improved immune and digestive systems, strange painful boils gone… the list goes on and I have forgotten some of the benefits!

It really brought it home to me. If I can help many more people find the way to radiant health; lose that pain, lose the hunger and obsession with food and if necessary, lose weight, I am definitely on the right path! I am in AWE. Happy Valentine’s day ¬†NOSH ROCKS- Be your most AMAZING self with great food!

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