Rapid Transformation Therapy

Boosting Your Motivation and Self-Esteem with Marisa Peer’s Award Winning Rapid Transformation Therapy

Free yourself from the past and move on to a brighter, happier, future.

During lockdown, the Face-to-Face 8 week Body Transformation Challenges, like most businesses, came to a sudden halt!

I was rather disappointed as you can imagine. I had seen very positive results from the clients who had followed the course: weight loss, better moods, more energy, reduced inflammation and pain plus more. All whilst having fun, learning new cooking skills and understanding how our bodies work in a supportive and safe environment. The excellent testimonials speak for themselves.

However, sometimes good things come out of adversity and this is one example. During lockdown, I was searching for something to clear some limiting beliefs that I was not good enough. This brought me to multi award winning Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy.  It was a real ‘AHAAA’ moment. The realisation that myself and some of my clients found change more challenging was because we didn’t feel that we deserved radiant health because we didn’t feel good enough. But the truth is we are all ENOUGH!

Marisa’s signature expression is: ‘I AM ENOUGH’. And we are all enough; Loveable enough, good enough, important enough.

We were all born being ENOUGH; loveable, beautiful, perfect. Feeling that we belonged. However, due to the way we have been treated, we picked up beliefs that don’t belong to us and stop us from living the happy, fulfilled life we deserve.

Rapid Transformation Therapy helps you to discover where and when you picked up these hurtful beliefs and teaches you how to eliminate them completely from your subconscious whilst installing new, positive beliefs. Helping you to free yourself from the past and move on to a brighter, happier, future. Adopt new positive, self-confident attitude to find love, to play better golf, for interviews, public speaking etc.  Free yourself from self-destructive habits; Overeating, Smoking, Stress, Drinking, Poor Sleeping Patterns

So my journey to become a Rapid Transformation Therapist began in April 2020 and in September, I qualified as a Rapid Transformation Therapist. Rowana Statham – RTT Practitioner Certificate

My main focus is on motivating clients to believe in themselves and to treat both their minds and bodies with the love and care they deserve. To adopt a healthier lifestyle to support mind, body and soul.

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