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There is nothing I like better than shopping for good food. To minimise the amount of herbicides and pesticides which we are consuming, we prefer to eat bio.

For real local bio / organic shopping in Switzerland check out La Ferme de Bude in Petit Sacconnex on the number 3 bus route. They have a vast array of fresh produce, a lot of which is grown on their land.

Aldi Suisse has a really good permanent range of organic dairy products; goat’s cheese, mozzarella etc, some organic fruit and vegetables and organic and other raw nuts (no oil or additives) . Occasionally, they have one-off organic ancient seeds and grains, non wheat flour pastas etc. Although they have started online shopping in the UK, I had written to them last year and there are no plans to introduce this concept into Switzerland.

Migros Suisse is another local favourite. In the last year or so, they have introduced the Altnatura organic range to Geneva stores. This range includes pulses, oils, frozen vegetables and fruit amongst other things. Migros also has a range of fresh vegetables etc but my favourite is actually the organic seed sprouts. Produced locally in Perly by René Jungo, they have a 4 pack which includes broccoli, mung beans, alfalfa and radish.  The good thing too about migros is that you can shop online.

COOP Suisse also has bio ranges but tends to be more expensive and with less of a range than Migros. However, you can also shop online

Lidl Suisse have some organic fruit and vegetables, dairy products and one-off occasional offers.


For one stop bio / organic shopping experience, luckily, France is a 10 minute drive or 20 minute bus ride from Geneva. Be careful of the customs limits when bringing back your shopping to Switzerland; Limits per person: 1kg meat products, 1kg of dairy products with over 18% of fat.

‘OnalaVie’ just outside St Julien en Genevois has a great range of bio / organic products; Sourdough breads, vegetables, dairy etc. It also has a good fresh meat section.

As well as food, it stocks a wide variety of wine, cosmetics, cleaning products and pets supplies:

Bio Frais in St Julien also has a good range of bio /organic products, especially fruit and vegetables which are not wrapped in plastic!

And of course the original Satoriz in Ferney-Voltaire or Val Thoiry

Magasin Satoriz Ferney-Voltaire

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