Roger, aged 59, a life changer!

My name is Roger and I am 59:

I first heard of Nosh Rocks about two years ago. At the time, I was already aware that my way of eating and my general state-of-health were not ideal. I felt heavy, out-of-breath after a mild effort and was generally dissatisfied with my overall physical condition. I knew I needed to do something, but was unsure of what or how, and this uncertainty also had an impact on my motivation to make changes.

Over the next few months, about once a week, I spoke with Rowana and listened to the story of her own journey and experiences. Rowana has extensive knowledge gained from several years of research, study and practical application.

With Rowana’s encouragement, I finally decided it was time to take action. It was only after I had started on my own journey that I realized it was not a commitment to a diet, or to weight loss, or even to Nosh Rocks. It is a commitment to myself.

With the support of Nosh Rocks, I started this journey in February 2018 by gradually changing my eating habits and by recording weekly measures: weight, belly and trouser-waist. In March 2018, I started writing an honest food journal. The journal is for accountability and is also a good record for reference.

Since then my weight gradually decreased by 14 kgs/30 lbs/2 stone. That by itself is already very satisfying. The real moment-of-enlightenment hit me when I recently lifted a 12-kg object and realized that it was equivalent to the unnecessary mass I was carrying around.  But losing the weight is really just a positive consequence of making important life-style changes.

The real benefit is improved health; significantly reduced visceral fat, less strain on my joints, heart and other organs, improved blood pressure.

Other benefits I have experienced:
– Positive feed-back from my dentist. A cleaner and fresher-feeling mouth as there is less starch residue for bacteria to feed on.
– Blood pressure went from 120/80 to 105/65.
– No more hay fever, no symptoms whatsoever.
– I noticed that cellulite on my thighs has almost disappeared.
– My belly is now smaller than what my trouser-waist used to be.
– My trouser-waist size is 4 in/10 cm smaller.
– The satisfaction of sorting out cupboards and donating bags of over-sized clothes to charity.
– I have more energy and stamina. Along with that comes a better sense of well-being and general satisfaction.

Rowana’s knowledge, enthusiasm, goal-based approach and commitment to promoting a healthy life-style have made a real impact on me. She has a profound desire to help others, not just to start but to continue on their journey to good health.

In my mind, key elements of success are increased nutritional awareness, listening to my body and making informed choices. And Nosh Rocks is committed to providing personalized teaching and on-going support for success, based on these key elements.

I can only speak for myself: I am convinced that partnering with Nosh Rocks was the right choice for me and has been fundamental to my weight loss and improved health.

Thank you Nosh Rocks, thank you Rowana.

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