United Nations Women’s Guild – 8wk Challenge Testimonials

So, we have recently finished a very successful 8 week Challenge with the lovely ladies of the United Nations Women’s Guild. Many of the ladies are professionals in their own right but are supporting their husbands in their international careers. I have therefore taken the liberty of renaming their current positions as Domestic Goddesses and Senior Executive assistants as this is their role.

On average, each lady lost at least 4kgs of weight and a lot of cms over the 8 weeks. However, the overall health benefits speak for themselves:

Vicki from Barbados: Registered Nurse, Domestic Goddess & Senior Executive Assistant.

When I saw the email about the course I was overjoyed as I was at a crossroads. I was fully aware that I used eating as a source of comfort but it went beyond that…I was an emotional eater…I ate when I was happy…I ate when I was sad. I would eat even when I wasn’t even hungry and I was ready to change that and ready to lose weight.

In the first 3 weeks I lost 5.5lbs and inches from my bust  waist and hips. People noticed the change as well and my clothes were fitting me better.
This 8 week challenge gave me the tools that I needed to make the change. It was done by a very knowledgeable coach, Rowana, in a very supportive environment. With no judgement! As a health professional the information challenged a lot about what I was taught but it was sound scientific and practical information for everyday living.
Because I am a very visual person, I learn best by seeing then doing. We had one cooking class which I served as a launching pad to my creativity and experimenting with dishes. So I would suggest more cooking sessions included.
Would you recommend the NOSH ROCKS program?
Best decision ever …if you are fully committed to change or even if you are just curious give it a try…NOSH ROCKS!!!!

Laura da Conceicao, from Mozambique, International Relations, domestic goddess and Senior Executive Assistant.

I decided to sign up to thus this course because I had severe back pain problems, difficulties to sleep and my self esteem was down. I have been trying for year to find a better way to reduce weight and it didn’t work at all.

Following NOSH ROCKS course I’ve learnt how to eliminate sugar, seeds oil and how to introduce new good and healthy ingredients without hunger. I feel happier and more self confident.

I could recommend friends because its a very healthy lifestyle method.

So I am very happy to have been one of the ladies who were lucky for having you Rowana as our nutrition guide. Thank you so muchūüĆ∑

My name is Veemy Gopaul  I am from Mauritian Indian origin. I am a Domestic Goddess & Senior Executive Assistant.  I signed up to this course because I wanted to lose weight look good and have more energy.  Since I have followed the advice of Rowana I have lost a few kgs.  I feel happier and more confident. I would definitely recommend a friend to follow that course because it really helps to know what is better food to eat. After doing the course you will be surprised how much rubbish we eat which is causing harm to our bodies. Thank you again Rowana for all efforts to show us the proper way of eating: NOSH ROCKS

Chantal from France: Retired UNHCR Staff member: Food is amazing but you are the one to be amazing.
I signed for the course to first comfort my knowledge about nutrition but I discovered that I did not know much! and your class was a good incentive to learn more.
In terms of health improvements I apply your recommendations and although I did not lose weight which was not my purpose, I am more aware of  banning ingredients like sugar and including  kefir for example. It changed my life in particular in realizing how a good microbiote is key in your diet. It makes me happy to be on a good path.
I also feel that learning by seeing and practising by cooking recipe help to understand and to remember what we learn from a classical course.
I would definitively recommend you to a friend. I will say how  you are knowledgeable about nutrition how well you explain the benefits of eating well to be healthy, how you listen and follow each person individually how confident you are in this challenge  and that you can  prove it with good results. I would say how you are determined and truly sincere in your conviction of  doing well. All this with a lot of kindness and ability to listen.
I wish you all the best Rowana. You are  fantastic not only in this job but as a person

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