How can I inspire you to health?


Spring into our Highly Successful 8wk Weight loss and health gain Challenge

  • Transform your body with great food
  • Get Beach Ready before summer
  • Lose weight and cms without hunger
  • Shake off the post COVID blues


Have fun together, meet new friends, tantalise your taste buds as we Learn, Cook & dine on delicious, nutrient rich food to our heart’s content. 

Imagine if that little bit of weight that you have been gaining every year would just disappear and stay away!

Imagine shaking off the post-COVID effects!

Imagine walking down the beach with confidence!

Imagine if your niggly pains would disappear and that you are happier, inspired excited with oodles more energy!

Imagine if what you are eating tastes delicious and you know that it is actually healthy.

With NOSH ROCKS, we take maximum 10 amazing people on a journey of discovery, a RITE of passage to Radiant Health. Together we Learn about foods which really nourish our bodies, Cook delicious food that will tantalise our taste buds and Dine on Delicious Food which takes away the hunger and ROCKS our bodies!


Check out the testimonials. Weight loss, down in cms, no hunger, pain just disappears. They are people like you who have learned the secrets!

For your free 30min consultation, Call Rowana on 0795588454 or email me:

Talk to me about custom courses in your own home or workplace. Or what about business people away from home – a fun way to become and remain healthy whilst travelling.

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