Highly Successful 8wk Weight loss Challenge

  • Learn WHY we are overweight
  • Learn HOW to reverse the process

Have fun together, meet new friends, tantalise your taste buds as we cook & dine on delicious, nutrient rich food to our heart’s content. All in a supportive, safe space

Imagine if that little bit of weight that you have been gaining every year would just disappear!

Imagine if your niggly pains would disappear and that you are happier and have more energy!

Imagine if what you are eating tastes delicious but you know that it is actually healthy.

You don’t have to imagine as NOSH ROCKS – Not Only Slim but Healthy, RO’s Carb-cutting Keto System has the solution.

Let NOSH ROCKS take only 10 amazing people on a journey of discovery, a RITE of passage to Radiant Health. Together we will Learn about foods which really nourish our bodies, Cook delicious food that will tantalise our taste buds and dine on Delicious Food which takes away the hunger and ROCKS our bodies to great health.

We have just successfully completed 2 x  8wk challenge trials and the testimonials are coming in. Weight loss, down in cms, no hunger. All whilst having fun learning and eating nutrient rich scrumptious food.

What is included in the 8week challenge. Each week we:

  • Learn about an aspect of the food chain which is impacting our bodies.
  • We track our progress in a non-judgmental way
  • We will dine on a delicious apero to taste nutrient rich snacks.
  • We will make something which is easy to incorporate into our daily lives.
  • We will change our attitude to food and our health
  • All Food, drinks & ingredients – mainly organic

8week challenge – value immeasureable

Give yourself, your partner or your young adult the toolbox for Radiant Health!

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