NOSH ROCKS…Not Only Slim but Healthy, RO’s Carb-cutting Kick Start



Want to be a NOSH ROCK Star?

We at NOSH ROCKS believe that we should never go on a ‘diet’.

If our way of eating is not working for us; if it is making us tired, ill, overweight, we need to change the way we eat permanently. No more yo-yo diets and feeling guilty….It is not your fault…

Changing the way we eat does NOT mean that we can never have a piece of chocolate or a pizza again.  You probably won’t want them anyway!

Changing the way we eat means that we re-balance our way of eating so that a ‘treat’ is just that… a ‘treat’.

What do you think?  Want to be a NOSH ROCK Star???

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  1. Dear Ro,
    Einstein may or may not have said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”. But there is truth in those words. If we continue to eat industrial, processed and sugary products (I hesitate to call it food), we cannot expect to feel better or weigh less.
    On the positive side, we have nothing to lose by trying (except excess body weight).
    Thanks to Ro, I tried, and can only say it works !
    I started slowly and by reading ingredients on labels. Even if you do not follow Ro’s advice, at least you can make better-informed decisions about what you eat.
    After a while, I was happy to see and feel the results – down a trouser size, feeling more energised and sleeping better.
    Thank you Ro !

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