Sharron’s Testimonial

Sharron’s Testimonial

I’m Sharron, I am 49 years old and have known Rowana for many years.
Rowana has helped me lose weight and stay slim over the last 2 years.
I am 5 foot 10 inches and now weigh 9 stone 10 pounds.
Rowana’s advice, food plans and support have been and still are invaluable to me.
I train with weights 3 times a week, so didn’t have much fat to lose but with Rowana’s knowledge of nutrition, I have improved so much with my stamina.
Simple changes make such a difference!
My skin is clearer and I feel much stronger.

I am happy, slim, strong and healthy.

Thank you Rowana.

I would definitely recommend NoshRocks.
Make the decision, make the changes.

You’ll be amazed!

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